Are You On The Right Path?

Only 14% of adults describe themselves as happy. Are you one of those lucky few or are you feeling unfulfilled?

This course will help you join their ranks by helping you define and build Comfort, Peace, and Freedom in your life. The Path is a great way to identify what you really want out of your life and to develop the skills to go achieve it.

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Now A National Bestseller

Ken Rusk started his first job as a ditch digger at 15 and turned that into a successful company. Today, blue-collar trades are just as much a path to success as they were then, but fewer people pursue them. But the economy is in desperate need of skilled tradespeople, which makes now a perfect time to become blue-collar. 

A Real Opinion, From a Real Expert

"Ken Rusk is a voice of reason screaming out to the masses, reminding us of who Americans used to be. In his book Blue Collar Cash and its accompanying workbook, The Path to a Successful Life, you will find the exact tools a young person needs to begin shaking off the old paradigm that tells them that college is the only path to success. 

The workbook walks the reader through concrete steps to help broaden thinking about career paths, and provides a method to lead toward a life filled with real possibility without incurring enormous debt for an education that, even if it leads to a higher paying career, can cripple young adults for decades. The questions up for consideration in Blue Collar Cash are the precise questions anyone ought to consider before moving into a career...what kind of life does one want to craft? What will it take to get there? What does Comfort, Peace and Freedom look like? (Hint: It looks different for every individual!) 

Ken not only helps his followers find their own answers to these questions, he lets them know repeatedly that once you have the answers, real work needs to follow. Without sugar coating the sweat and learning curve involved, he encourages young and old alike to do the hard work to achieve the success that brings comfort, peace and freedom." 

Cindy L.

Homeschool Consultant and Founder of Blue Collar Homeschool