Why did you create The Path to a Successful Life?

I began to realize some years ago that there was a widening disconnect between what people were learning from a life skills perspective… and what they actually needed to learn to create the life they truly wanted for themselves.

When you learn how to put your some-day wishes , hopes and dreams into a foolproof formula so you can turn them into to-day results, it will change your entire perspective on how to live and live well. The way you see it!

What can I expect after completing The Path?

Once you have completed The Path To a Successful Life, you will be armed with the exact tools you need to build the life you seek. You will have a crystal clear view of your future, and a series of exact steps to accomplishing that vision.  

This isn't just another theory, or some complicated self help plan that gets you nowhere fast. It is a time tested formula with proven success. Congratulations on taking this most important first step towards your future.

I will be with you all the way!

All the best,


Design the Life of Your Dreams


So many young people today assume that college is the only way to achieve success in life. That's simply not true.

In fact, countless people graduate from college with a huge pile of debt, but no clear direction for the future. Even worse, many ultimately find themselves in unfulfilling careers with little or no joy in their daily lives.

Watch Ken's video below for an in-depth explanation of how you can achieve your version of Comfort, Peace and Freedom!